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VienneNamed after the majestic river that runs through it, the Vienne department of the Nouvelle Aquitaine, offers cyclists contrasting landscapes, and an abundance of cultural heritage.

Visitors are able to cycle through fields of sunflowers and wheat, unspoilt forests, vineyards dotted with dolmens, and along the valleys using the extensive network of signed cycle paths.

At the heart of the Vienne region you will find a host of Romanesque treasures, which along with the more modern tourist attractions such as Futuroscope make the Vienne a fascinating place to discover by bicycle.

The department motto is "Tomorrow belongs to you!"


Bike Hire Poitiers

The vibrant heart of the University city of Poitiers is mainly pedestrianised and is great for cycling around. There are an abundance of cafes and restaurants to be found amongst the narrow streets and the main square where you can prop up your bike and sit with a coffee (or a glass of wine!) and watch the world go by.

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How To Use This Guide

We aim to provide a guide to each of the routes described below, however, as there are so many great routes this may take some time.

You can check out the routes close to where you are holidaying on the map to the right of the page. By clicking on the location you are interested in you can see more information about difficulty levels, route length and areas passed through.

For detailed information on each route please click on the route name in the list below. The link will either take you to our English language guide and detailed map or, if we haven’t created a guide yet, to information in French. Please keep checking back as we aim to cover all routes as soon as possible!

Cycling Tourist Routes

The Vienne features 15 Randonnee Cyclotouriste, which are longer cycling routes helping you to discover this beautiful region.

Maps for these routes are available from the local tourist offices, as well as on line from Tourism Vienne

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EuroVelo Route - Vienne


The EuroVelo network consists of 14 cycling routes stretching 70,000 km across Europe. EuroVelo 3, or the Pilgrims Route, crosses through the Vienne. The entire route is just over 5122 km long and connects Trondheim in Norway to Saint Jacques de Compostela in Spain.

The Pilgrims Route passes through the centre of the Vienne region from the north of the region (from Poitiers) down to the south of the department where it heads towards Bordeaux.

For further information visit the European Cyclist Federation.



Local Vienne Loops

The Vienne department is focussed on providing safe, interesting cycle routes across the region.

Each loop is well marked out with signs featuring small black bicycles.

  Local les-Portes-du-Poitou Loops  
Sentier Le chemin des enfants - 3.2km
les Ormes
Sentier Le Chemin de Poizay - 5km
Sentier La Corgère - 22km

  Local Pays-Civraisien Loops  
Sentier des marches du Clain - 18km
Champagné Saint Hilaire
Sentier Sur les pas d'André Léo - 25km
Sentier de Gués en Fontaines - 19.5km
Sentier Les Trois Saints - 19km
Sentier entre Belle et Clouère - 21.5km
Sentier des Gentilhommières - 20km
Sentier du Cornac et du Cibiou - 21.5km
Sentier Rivières et Moulins - 20km

  Local Pays-des-Six-Vallees Loops  
Sentier de La Basilique - 13km
Sentier le circuit de La Vallée de l'Auxance - 18km
Sentier des Roches Prémarie Andillé - 11.4km

  Local Pays-du-Haut-Poitou-et-Clain Loops  
Beaumont Saint-Cyr
Sentier Les Seigneurs de Beaumont - 16.3km
Sentier des côteaux - 12.4km
Sentier la Dive et les Moulins - 11.3km
Sentier des Troglodytes - 14km
Sentier de l'Envigne - 31km
Sentier Le Haut-Clairvaux - 10.6km
Sentier des trois châteaux - 13km
Vendeuvre du Poitou
Sentier Les Marais de la Pallu - 10.2km

  Local Pays-Loudunais Loops  
Le Grand sentier de Scévolles - 22km
Sentier des Coteaux Divins - 12.5km
Le Grand sentier Sacré - 17.5km
Sentier entre Dive et Troglos - 12km

  Local Pays-Montmorillonnais Loops  
Sentier bocage de la vallée de la Gartempe - Various km
Sentier entre doux vallons et petites rivières - 13km
Sentier Sur les Traces du Loup - 15km
Sentier Entre Patrimoine Architectural et Nature - 11.5km
Sentier "entre patrimoine exceptionnel et bois mystérieux" - Various km
Sentier "sous influence berrichonne, un pays d'eau" - 16km
Sentier entre légende, voyages et histoire humaine - 9km
Sentier à la découverte de la Maison de la Paix à Villesalem - 13km

  Local Pays-Vals-de-Gartempe-et-Creuse Loops  
Sentier Vals d'Anglin et Gartempe - 13km
La Roche-Posay
Sentier Vals et Collines de Gartempe - 13km

  Local Pays-Vienne-et-Mouliere Loops  
Sentier du maréchal rêvant - 14.5km
la Chapelle Moulière
Sentier de la promenade buissonnière - 17.8km
Sentier "des kilomètres pour une recette" - 15.6km
Sentier de l'échappée belle - 17.8km
Sentier "la comtesse mélancolique" - 16km
Sentier de l'institutrice bucolique - 14km
Sentier Au fil du chemin - 14.8km
Sentier "la femme du carrier" - 18.7km

  Local Pays-Chatelleraudais Loops  
Sentier Corniche et Pinail - 10km

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