Bikes and Accessories

BikeHireDirect offer a wide range of quality bikes and accessories.

Before our bikes are delivered, they follow a rigorous check and maintenance schedule including;

  • Each bike is cleaned and polished
  • Wheels and Tyres – air pressure, alignment, tyre tread, brakes, spokes and cables checked
  • Chain – links checked for tightness and whole chain lubricated
  • Brakes – brake pads and cables checked, recalibrated and lubricated
  • Frame – main frame, handlebars, fork and pedals checked for proper alignment with no damage
  • Gears – tested and lubricated

Please click on Read More below each picture below for a detailed description, product specification and sizing information…

Please note that these pictures are for illustration purposes only, and actual bikes and accessories may be slightly different, but of the same or higher standard as shown.

Adult Male Bike Adult Male Bike
Adult Female Bike Adult Female Bike
Adult Tandem Bike Adult Mountain Tandem
Bike for Older Children Bike for Older Children
Bike for Children between 6 and 8 years old Child Bike (6-8 yrs)
Bike for Younger Children Bike for Younger Children
Child Bike Trailer Child Bike Trailer
Childs Tag-a-long Bike Childs' Tag-a-long Bike
Child Bike Seat Child Bike Seat
Baby Seat Insert for Child Trailer Baby Seat Insert for Child Trailer
Rear Pannier Rack Rear Pannier Rack
Front Bike Basket Front Bike Basket
Car Bike Rack Car Bike Rack
Cargo Trailer Cargo Trailer

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