Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The BikeHireDirect registered offices are:

Gironde: 18 route de Sainte Presentine – Lieu dit Garineaud, 33760 Frontenac, Gironde, France. Siret: 830 990 487 00019

Vienne and Haute Vienne: David Phipps EI, 2 La Nigonnerie, 87300 St Bonnet de Bellac, Haute Vienne, France. Siret: 834 790 4795 00016

Except as otherwise agreed in writing no other terms and conditions shall apply to any order or contract between us.

The bicycle let out on hire, including all accessories & attachments supplied with bicycle (“The Bicycle”) remains the property of BikeHireDirect. You will not sell, hire out, lend or otherwise part with possession of “the Bicycle” at any time.


All orders placed by email or phone, will not be confirmed until a non-refundable booking deposit of €30 is received.

All orders confirmed between October 1st and May 1st will be eligible for a 10% discount at the time of placing the order.


Full payment (less booking deposit) must be made before or at the time of delivery. All payments are in Euro. Where prices are stated in Sterling, this is only deemed as an indication of equivalent.

If for any reason we are unable to supply you with bikes on your requested date, and alternatives are not acceptable to you, then we will provide you a refund in full.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and French cheques. If payment is to be made by credit card, this payment will be taken over the telephone at the BikeHireDirect office, not by the delivery driver.

Our Responsibility

We will provide you with “The Bicycle” in a reasonable condition that is legally roadworthy.

Before delivery we will undertake a full inspection and maintenance of “The Bicycle” including brakes, tyres, gears and frame. Full details can be provided on request.

BikeHireDirect is not responsible for any damage to clothing either soiled or damaged by contact with cogs and gears of the bicycle. BikeHireDirect is not responsible for any injury incurred by you whilst riding “The Bicycle”.

BikeHireDirect will replace any bikes within 24 hours that suffer mechanical failure.

We provide a repair kit for punctures. For replacement due to puncture, we charge a €30 call out fee if required.

If you cycle outside of our delivery area we would not be available for call out should you need assistance.

Your Responsibility

You will use “The Bicycle” in a safe and responsible manner. Care and attention must be taken on French public roads and French laws will be respected.

You will use “The Bicycle” in the manner for which it is intended. You will not use “The Bicycle” in the sea, or immersed in water.

You will not use “The Bicycle” for jumps, or carrying passengers, unless children with BikeHireDirect supplied child seats. Children should always be supervised by an adult.

Ensure that “The Bicycle” is secured with the supplied lock, and that they are not left in a place where they will become damaged or cause accident to others.

You are supplied with cycle helmets and whilst not obligatory in France, BikeHireDirect recommends that you use them when cycling.

Unless previously agreed with BikeHireDirect, you will ensure that you will be present for scheduled delivery and collection timeslot.

In the event of the “Bicycle” or rented accessories being lost or stolen BikeHireDirect reserves the right to call upon you to indemnify BikeHireDirect for the replacement value of “The Bicycle”. However, should “The Bicycle” subsequently be recovered in a useable condition, BikeHireDirect undertakes to refund the payment in full within fourteen days.

Replacement cost of rental components;

You will ensure that the “Bicycle” is adequately secured to an immovable object when not in use. You will not use the “Bicycle” under the influence of drink or drugs.

You will immediately notify BikeHireDirect in the event of any loss or breakdown of the bicycle.

If you commit any breach of the terms of this agreement BikeHireDirect shall be entitled, but without prejudice, to any other rights or remedies which it may have to terminate the hire of “The Bicycle”, and recover possession thereof without notice, and to make reasonable charge for such repossession. No rights of BikeHireDirect under the agreement will be waived except in writing by a duly authorised member of staff.


Although we will endeavour to meet your preferred delivery time and collection time, we cannot always guarantee to always be able to provide delivery at a specific requested time. Delivery slots are specified as either AM or PM – however as part of the booking process we will try to provide a more specific mutually agreeable delivery time.

We will advise you at least 48 hours before delivery should we need to change your delivery slot. If we need to change your delivery or collection date and you are unable to accept changed delivery slot, at your request the order can be cancelled at no charge to you. Your contract with us will become null and void, and rental changes will be credited back to your credit card.

Unless previously agreed with BikeHireDirect, you are required to be present for both delivery and collection of bikes, and to provide proof of identity and signature to accept delivery. Failure by you not to be present for a confirmed delivery or collection appointment can result in a redelivery/collection charge of €40. If for some unforeseen reason you will be late, or unable to make the delivery slot, please phone the office in advance to ensure that this can be rescheduled. Failure to attend delivery or collection with lack of contact will lead to cancellation of contract with BikeHireDirect and will result in a charge. Please see cancellation.

Although we will always endeavour to make these appointments, elements outside of our control, such as traffic, can cause delay. You will be notified by phone should this problem arise.

Collection and/or return can be made from our offices by prior arrangement.


Cancellation of a booking can be done either by phone or email, however, all cancellations must be confirmed in writing by email. Following the cancellation your contract with BikeHireDirect becomes null and void.

The booking deposit of €30 is non-refundable. If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the confirmed delivery slot BikeHireDirect has the discretion to charge 10% of the total rental fee to cover administration costs.

If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the confirmed delivery slot, BikeHireDirect has the discretion to charge 50% of the booking fee.

Booking Alteration

Alterations to a booking can be made up to 48 hours before the confirmed delivery slot. Alterations may include, additions or reductions to the booking such as number of bikes, and duration of hire. If reductions of service are required, a 10% administration fee will be charged against the refund.

Extensions to the duration of your hire should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled Collection Slot.


The material in the Website, is copyright to BikeHireDirect. You are welcome to view, print and download the contents of the Website for personal use, but not for any commercial purposes or re-publication without expressed consent from BikeHireDirect.

We have tried to ensure that information provided in the Website is accurate. However, we make no representation and give no warranty of any kind in respect of the information.

We do not accept liability for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) which may arise from reliance on information contained in the Website or in respect of any error or omission, except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

Registered Trademark

The BikeHireDirect logo and the slogan 'hassle free bike rental' is now a registered trademark. The trademark number is 13 3 980 927 covering classes 39 and 41.

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