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We offer flexible hire packages, of any duration, to suit your holiday requirements including our great value ‘Family’ and ‘Couple’ packages... please contact us to discuss your personal bike hire package needs.

All bike hires include;

Pricing Table

For simplicity all the prices quoted are for 5 or 10 day hires, however, all bikes and accessories can be hired for as long as you need them to enjoy your holiday!

The table below represents guide prices and should be used as an example only. Your final package will depend on your specific requirements and may differ from the pricing table depending on factors such as delivery location, duration and high/low season.

For a personalised quote please contact your local team directly.

5 Day Hire 10 Day Hire Example
Family Package
Two adult bikes and two children’s bikes
€150.00 €250.00 Male Adult Bike
Couple Package
Two adult bikes
€100.00 €150.00 Female Adult Bike
Couple Package
€120.00 €170.00 Adult Mountain Tandem Bike
Additional Adult Bike
(added to a Family or Couple Package)
€40.00 €60.00 Male Adult Bike
Additional Childs Bike or Tag a Long Bike
(added to a Family or Couple Package)
€30.00 €50.00 Tag-Along
Baby Seat €20.00 €35.00 Baby Seat
Toddler Chariot €50.00 €80.00 Toddler Chariot
Baskets €10.00 €15.00 Basket
Cargo Trailer €37.50 €60.00 Cargo Trailer
Pannier Rack €10.00 €15.00 Pannier Rack
Car Bike Rack €20.00 €35.00 Car Bike Rack

Please note that all enquiries require a 30 euro deposit to confirm and finalise the booking.

We would be delighted to offer a 10% ‘Early Bird’ discount off of all summer bookings confirmed before 1st May!

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