Named after the majestic river that runs through it, the Vienne region of Poitou Charentes offers cyclists contrasting landscapes, and an abundance of cultural heritage.

Visitors are able to cycle through fields of sunflowers and wheat, unspoilt forests, vineyards dotted with dolmens, and along the valleys using the extensive network of signed cycle paths.

At the heart of the Vienne region you will find a host of Romanesque treasures, which along with the more modern tourist attractions such as Futuroscope make the Vienne a fascinating place to discover by bicycle.

The department motto is "Tomorrow belongs to you!"

How To Use This Guide

We aim to provide a guide to each of the routes described below, however, as there are so many great routes this may take some time.

You can check out the routes close to where you are holidaying on the map to the right of the page. By clicking on the location you are interested in you can see more information about difficulty levels, route length and areas passed through.

For detailed information on each route please click on the route name in the list below. The link will either take you to our English language guide and detailed map or, if we haven’t created a guide yet, to information in French. Please keep checking back as we aim to cover all routes as soon as possible!

Cycling Tourist Routes

The Vienne features 12 Randonnee Cyclotouriste, which are longer cycling routes helping you to discover this beautiful region.

Maps for these routes are available from the local tourist offices, as well as on line from Tourism Vienne

  • le Haut Loudunais – 54.5km

    Loudun, Insay, Glenouze, Ranton, Curcay sur Dive, Chateau de Ternay, Ternay, Berrir, St Leger de Montbrillais, Morton, Raslay, les Trois Moutiers, Roche Vernaize, Verbrize, Insay.

  • le Haut Poitou – 73km

    Monts sur Guesne, Aulnay, Saint Clair, Moncontour, Ouzilly Vignolles, Martaize, Challais, Puy d'Ardanne, Angliers, la Roche Rigault, Geneton, Rigny, Berthegon, Saires

  • Vallees de l'Envigne et de la Veude – 62km

    Lencloitre, Cernay, Serigny, Saint Christophe, Saint Gervais les 3 Clochers, Orgerie, Thure, Scorbe Clairvaux, Colombiers, la Grande Vallee, Marigny, Brizay, Ouzilly, les Tessonnieres

  • Au Pays Mirebalais – 66km

    Mirebeau, Chouppes, Poligny, Coussay, Nantilly, Verger Gazeau, Seuilly, Thurageau, Abain, Varennes, Amberre, Vouzailles, la Touche, Cherves, Maisonneuve, Massonges, Cuhon

  • Entre Vienne et Creuse – 63km

    Dange St Romain, Saint Sulpice, Poizay, Bois Pouzin, Mousseau, Lillette, Saint Remy sur Creuse, Leugny, la Petite Guerche, Maire, Lesigny, Availle, Oyre

  • Vallee de la Gartempe – 79km

    la Roche Posay, la Merci Dieu, Cremille, Pleumartin, Montin, Vicq sur Gartempe, Angles sur Anglin, Saint Pierre de Maille, Pleumartin, Leigne les Bois, Coussay le Bois, Availle, Lesigny

  • Vallee de la Vienne – 73km

    Chauvigny, Bonnes, St Martin la Riviere, Morthemer, Civaux, Lussac les Chateaux, Villeneuve, Chapelle Vivier, Pouzioux

  • L'Art Roman en Pays Montmorillonnais – 62km

    Montmorillon, Bourg Archambault, Saint Leomer, Journet, Villesalem, Bethines, Saint Germain, Saint Savin, Antigny, Jouhet

  • Vienne et Clouere – 104.5km

    L'Isle Jourdain, Moussac, la Rallerie, Queaux, le Vigeant, Saint Martin l'Ars, Payroux, Charroux, Mauprevoir, le Pou, Availles Limouzine, Millac

  • les 6 Vallees – 111km

    Vivonne, Marcay, Coulombiers, Cursay sur Vonne, Jazeneuil, Lusignon, Celle l'Evescault, les Minieres Payre, Ceaux en Couhe, Romagne, Champagne St Hilaire, Gencay, Marnay, Chateau Larcher

  • Circuit des Abbayes – 37km

    Saint Benoit, Liguge, Croutelle, Fontaine le Comte, Ruffigny, Iteuil, Smarves

  • Boucles de l'Auxances – 63.5km

    Avanton, Auxances, Limbre, Moulinet, Pouzioux la Jarrie, Larnay, Vouneuil sous Biard, Beruges, Ringere, Quincay, Lonchard

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EuroVelo Route - Vienne


The EuroVelo network consists of 14 cycling routes stretching 70,000 km across Europe. EuroVelo 3, or the Pilgrims Route, crosses through the Vienne. The entire route is just over 5122 km long and connects Trondheim in Norway to Saint Jacques de Compostela in Spain.

The Pilgrims Route passes through the centre of the Vienne region from the north of the region (from Poitiers) down to the south of the department where it heads towards Bordeaux.

For further information visit the European Cyclist Federation.



Local Vienne Loops

The Vienne department is focussed on providing safe, interesting cycle routes across the region.

Each loop is well marked out with signs featuring small black bicycles.

  Local Loudunais Loops  
Berthegon (86420) Beuxes (86120) Bournand (86120)
Ceaux-en-Loudun (86200) Chalais (86200) Guesnes (86420)
les Trois Moutiers (86120) Loudun (86200) Martaize (86330)
Mazeuil (86110) Mouterre Silly (86200) Pouancay (86120)
Ranton (86200) Raslay (86120) Saint Chartres (86330)
Saix (86120)    

  Local Portes du Poitou Loops  
Buxeuil (37160) Dange Saint Romain (86220) Les Ormes (86220)
Leugny (86220) Oyre (86220) Port de Piles (86220)
Saint Remy sur Creuse (86220)    

  Local Haut-Poitou Loops  
Beaumont (86490) Cheneche (86380) Cherves (86170)
Dissay (86130) Haut Clairvaux (86140) Marigny Brizay (86380)
Massonges (86170) Ouzilly (86170) Saint Genest d'Ambiere (86140)
Vendeuvre du Poitou (86380)    

  Local Vals de Gartempe et Creuse Loops  
Angles sur l'Anglin (86260) Chenevelles (86260) la Roche Posay (86270)
Lesigny sur Creuse (86270)    

  Local Vienne et Mouliere Loops  
Bignoux (86800) Bonnes (86300) la Chapelle Mouliere (86210)
le Grand Recoin (86800) Liniers (86800) Pouille (86800)
Savigny Levescault (86800) Sevres Anxaumont (86800) Saint Julien d'Ars (86800)

  Local Montmorillonnais Loops  
Journet (86290) Lathus Saint Remy (86390) Persac (86320)
Saint Martin l'Ars (86350)    

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