Cycling In The Charente-Maritime

The Charente Maritime is one of Frances hidden gems… so popular with French people it is known as the real French Riviera.

The region is great for cyclists of all ages and abilities and with over 2500 km of mostly flat cycle paths there is something for everyone.

Cyclists in the Charente Maritime can enjoy bike rides along miles and miles of golden white beaches, across vibrant marshlands, through traditional French villages or beautiful countryside scattered with vineyards.

As the Charente Maritime is in the second ‘sunniest’ region in France with very low rainfall you can enjoy cycling without having to worry about bad weather!

How To Use This Guide

We aim to provide a guide to each of the routes described below, however, as there are so many great routes this may take some time.

You can check out the routes close to where you are holidaying on the map to the right of the page. By clicking on the location you are interested in you can see more information about difficulty levels, route length and areas passed through.

For detailed information on each route please click on the route name in the list below. The link will either take you to our English language guide and detailed map or, if we haven’t created a guide yet, to information in French. Please keep checking back as we aim to cover all routes as soon as possible!

EuroVelo Route - Charente Maritime

The EuroVelo network consists of 14 cycling routes stretching 70,000 km across Europe. EuroVelo 1, or the Atlantic Coast Route, passes down through the Charente Maritime. The entire route is just over 8186 km long and connects northern Scandinavia to Sagres in the Algarve, Portugal.

Known as the Velodyssee, this route follows the coast of the Charente Maritime from La Rochelle towards Bordeaux.

For further information visit La Velodyssee.

Voie Verte – The ‘Green Routes’

Voie Vertes are a network of ‘green routes’ crisscrossing across the Charente. The routes can only be used by pedestrians, cyclists horse riders and all motorised vehicles are not allowed. The routes are therefore safe and ideal for use by families and those with young children.

  • Bank of the Charente – 5 km

    Pont Transbordeur (Echillais), Soubise

  • Cabariot to Brouage – 16 km

    Cabariot, La Vallée, Saint-Hippolyte, Montherault, Montierneuf (Saint-Agnant), Saint-Agnant, Bellevue (Hiers-Brouage)

  • Gironde Estuary – 16 km

    Port de Vitrezay (Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac), Port-Conac (Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac), Charron (Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac), Saint-Thomas-de-Conac, Port-Maubert (Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde)

  • Haute-Saintonge – 15 km

    Chevanceaux, Saint-Palais-de-Négrignac, Montlieu-la-Garde, Saint-Martin-d'Ary, Orignolles, Montguyon, Gadebourg (Clérac), Clérac

  • Path of the Charente – 12 km

    Vieille Forme (Rochefort), Quai Bellot (Rochefort), Corderie Royale (Rochefort), Pont Transbordeur (Rochefort), Station de Lagunage (Rochefort), Embarcadère de Soubise (Rochefort), Club Nautique de Port Neuf (Rochefort)

  • Ronce Les Bains to Saint Palais dur Mer – 29 km

    Ronce-les-Bains, Maison forestière de la Bouverie (La Tremblade), Phare de la Coubre (La Tremblade), Plage de Bonne Anse (Les Mathes), La Palmyre (Les Mathes), La Grande-Côte (Saint-Palais-sur-Mer)

Local Charente Maritime Loops

Throughout the Charente Maritime there are safe, interesting cycle routes in a loop format. Currently many of these routes do not exist on the internet, however, we aim to provide our own reports on such routes so check back on this page often!

These loops are clearly marked and are classified;

  • Tres facile: very easy
  • Facile: easy
  • Difficile: difficult
  • Tres difficile: very difficult
Local Charente Maritime Loops
Arces sur Gironde
Routes from 29 km to 195 km
Routes from13.5 km to 35.5 km
Boutenac Touvent & Brie sous Mortagne
Routes from 13.5 km to 42.5 km
Breuillet & St Augustin sur Mer
Routes from 31 km to 139 km
Brouage - Full route report in English coming soon! Chaillevette
Routes from 6.5 to 20 km
Chenac & Saint Seurin d’Uset
Routes from 10 km to 359 km
Courcon - Full route report in English coming soon! Cozes & Grezac
Routes from 8 km to 74 km
Routes from 19 km to 57 km
Routes from 13.5 km to 42.5 km
Floirac & Mortagne sur Gironde & Saint Romaine sur Gironde
Routes from 6 km to 285 km
Gemozac - Full route report in English coming soon! Jonzac - Full route report in English coming soon! La Chapelle des Pots - Full route report in English coming soon!
La Rochelle - Full route report in English coming soon! L’Eguille sur Seudre
Routes from 2 km to 11 km
Le Chay
Routes from 25 km to 60 km
Marans - Full route report in English coming soon! Medis
Routes from 21 km to 78.5 km
Meschers sur Gironde
Routes from 37 km to 193 km
Montguyon - Full route report in English coming soon! Montendre - Full route report in English coming soon! Nieul sur Mer - Full route report in English coming soon!
Pons - Full route report in English coming soon! Rétaud - Full route report in English coming soon! Ronce les Bains
Routes from 18 km to 67 km
Saint Georges de Didonne
Routes from 21 km to 84 km
Saint Jean d'Angely - Full route report in English coming soon! Saint Palais sur Mer
Routes from 14 km to 60 km
Saint Savinien - Full route report in English coming soon! Saint Sulpice de Royan
Routes from 22 km to 124 km
Saint Thomas de Conac - Full route report in English coming soon!>
Routes from 0.5 km to 6.5 km
Routes from 27 km to 118 km
Talmont sur Gironde
Routes from 14 km to 84 km

The Islands of the Charente Maritime

The islands just off the coast of the Charente Martime, Ile de Ré and Ile d'Oléron, are a cyclists dream with miles of bike paths allowing you to explore each island at your leisure.

  • Ile d'Oléron

    More than 70 km of cycle routes perfect for all ages.

  • Ile de Ré

    Over 100 km of signposted cycle paths, dirt tracks and adventure trails.

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